Main information

Digital Persona

What is digital persona? The definition of it can vary though for the most part it is a person's online identity and footprint. Companies record a person's information that they directly provide to them or indirectly provide through searches. This information can be sold to companies to allow them to direct ads to the person and to create a digital porfolio of what a person does online.

Users can protect themselves by limiting their digital footprint and limiting the information you give to companies. This can be hard to do though considering how much more connected and interwoven people's digital and physical lives are now.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone's personal information is stolen and most of the time used to commit criminal acts. There are different types of identity theft varying from Financial which is known as the most common to types such as criminal identity theft. Financial identity theft is when a person's personal information is used to get money. Criminal identity theft is when a person's personal information is used to put the blame of a crime on someone else. These are just some of the ways people's personal information is used.

One can protect themself by making sure that passwords for accounts differ so people can't steal them, not giving out personal information to suspicous sites/people, and keeping an eye out for suspicous activity.